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Where founders build their narrative.

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A narrative studio for founders on the highway to scale

A radical point of view,

A rooted purpose,

A consistent mission.

Thought leaders use a sharp narrative to engage customers, teams, investors, and future hires.

We work hand-in-hand with founders and exec teams to reveal their new category and align teams and ops with their vision.

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We craft strategic narratives

for tech companies with big vision.

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Drive your growth with a bold narrative

Build a company everyone wants to work for.


Master a sales pitch that elevates the conversation.


Boost marketing impact with a radical story.


Feel confident to meet high ambitions.


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Where founders build their narrative

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« On avait du mal à expliquer ce qu’on faisait. SOUL nous a aidés à nous poser les questions de fond pour préciser notre positionnement. Avec le concept de Nearbound nos clients nous disent enfin qu’ils comprennent ce qu’on apporte d’unique au marché. »

Simon Bouchez

REVEAL - CEO & Co-Founder

We pull out a story you truly own

Narrative Design

Unlock a new chapter for growth with a fresh narrative. In 6 weeks.

> Reconnect with your purpose

> Reload your equity story

> Build up a radical brand positioning

> Align your team & ops

For scale-ups.

Messaging Sprint

Write for growth and sales. 

> Identify sales pains & struggles 

> Craft key messages for your target customers

> Update home page and sales deck. 

For growth-stage start-ups.

Narrative Training 

Learn how to bring clarity and vision when pitching your ideas.

> Online masterclass

> Collective workshops 

> 1-to-1 coaching

For early-stage founders. 

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We believe in soulful companies


For that to happen, we need: 

Less A/B testing, and more creative courage. 

Less executives, and more pioneers.

Less playbooks, and more soul.

We founded SOUL in 2020 to provide founders with the strongest soft skill they need to own: the ability to turn their grounded intuitions into a new game for millions of users.

We are a duo of creative advisors, experienced and passionate about bold narratives that power sales, engagement, influence, and true innovation. 10+ years of designing business strategies with CEOs of innovative brands & industry leaders. 

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